Chef Katherine Zeller

Katherine is a graduate of The California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, CA. While working in the Bay Area she worked in several Italian Restaurants.

She started washing dishes and working pantry at Pea Soup Andersons in Bulton, CA. at 15 years old. She worked her way around the state from San Diego to San Francisco ever since, collecting recipes, ideas and favorite dishes. She loves to eat fresh delicious food and says "NEVER TRUST A SKINNY CHEF". She Thinks that is part of what makes a good Chef, taste, and taste again. She calls it "Test Driving" a dish. She often will ask her guests to take a "Test Drive". Coming to Eureka Springs was a huge change for her, but it has been the most exciting challenge in her life. Also the hardest. She looks for input from many different places, from food magazines, the Food Channel, and of course she loves to eat out and see what other Chefs are serving.

Born in San Diego in 1956, and living up and down the CA. coast she says the thing she misses most is, her mom Judy, who got her her 1st. job and also taught her most of what she knows about the Food Service Industry. Judy had a restaurant in Pismo Beach California and is where Katherine learned to cook breakfast for the masses. The food biz is in her blood and will always be grateful to her mom for her start.

Amy Ward

Amy was born and raised in San Diego California. She attended San Diego State University from 1979-1984 to study Finance and Economics. In 1984 Amy obtained her Real Estate License and entered the field of Commercial Real Estate where she worked for Daum Johnstown Commercial Real Estate, John Burnham Commercial Real Estate and Iliff Thorn Commercial Real Estate in San Diego. Her focus was office and industrial type properties. In 1998 Amy joined Regis Property Management where she managed office, retail and industrial portfolios. She left the real estate industry in 2001 and started selling advertisements for Buzz Magazine in San Diego and the Gay and Lesbian Yellow Pages in San Diego and Palm Springs. In 2006 Amy and her partner Katherine Zeller decided to visit some friends in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and fell in love with the area. They loved the area so much that they decided to move to Eureka Springs and buy a business. They purchased the former Micelli’s Italian Restaurant and turned it into what is now Katherine’s Café Amore.


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